Thursday, January 31, 2008

A World Traveler I Become...

On February 1st I will start my 10 day adventure to Vietnam (or Viet Nam)! This will be my first excursion out of North America and I couldn't be more excited. Luckily I will have a wonderful guide in my sister as she has spent many many days in Vietnam for her educational and professional work. Along with her 2 daughters and my mom we should have a great time. My family will remain state-bound as my son is a bit too young and my daughter is in school. I will miss them all but have vowed to make this a really wonderful experience.

So with that all said I will be blogging my adventure using my new Asus Eee PC and Canon Powershot SD750. My goal is to at least do 1 update a day, but anything can happen so we will see.

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