Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Forum Software Where Art Thou?

So I have been looking at all the different types of forum software to use, well okay to play with. You have 2 types of thoughts on this...usability and feature bloat. While I tend to jump on the feature bloat boat there comes a time that if features just aren't implemented well the whole experience leaves a bad taste in the mouth. What do I want in a forum package? Hmm good question but easily answered, "Everything". :)

Okay so you ask, "What does 'Everything' mean?". Here's a short list...

  1. WYSIWYG Posting/Editing
  2. HTML Support
  3. Quick Reply
  4. Private Messaging
  5. Blog Integration
  6. Multi-level user security
  7. Full CSS Support
  8. Spell Checker
  9. Email Support
  10. Moderation
  11. Ranking
  12. Client side sorting
  13. Hide/Show forums
  14. WYSIWYG Management/Design
  15. Multi-database support
  16. Who's On

Okay thats quick short list. I'm still not sold on what technology to use, whether it be PHP, ASP.Net, Ruby, etc. so thats up in the air.

Anyone else have thoughts, comments, requests, requirements, needs, wants...??? Let me know. Once I am done it's free to anyone.

Until next time...

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