Friday, February 08, 2008

A Great Leader

As our adventure winds down we begin to reflect on what we have seen and experienced. I cannot say enough the impact this trip has had on me and find it difficult to express. While conveying my feelings gives you an idea one must really discover for themselves. A big part of seeing Vietnam is emotion and the daily interaction with the people and that is difficult to explain in a blog. I hope this has given a small glimps and the pictures an understanding.

We walked around the city more today and visited a few important spots in Hanoi, one being the Ho Chi Mihn Mausoleum. A very powerful and emotional setting, guarded by white coats and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. While Ho Chi Mihn himself wanted to be cremated and his ashes spread throughout Vietnam, it was decided to preserve him forever so generations to come can see the man who shaped Vietnam and was so well revered.

While temples and Pagodas are commonplace there is one that stands out. This is the One Pillar Pagoda. This lotus shaped Pagoda stands in the same complex as the mausoleum and the museum. This was a great sight to see.

One activity that a visitor to Hanoi must do is the Water Puppet Theater. During this show you are presented with traditional music and a story of dance and imagery. The wood puppets move through a pool of water in front of a temple set. Absolutely stunning and well worth the visit. I have put up a couple movies showing this.

Today is relax and packup day. We might head out and do some last minute shopping around the city but for the most part we will get ready for our departure tomorrow. Until then take care.


Joy said...

Great story and pictures, Jeff. We get so used to the traffic we don't even write about it or photograph it any more! Nice to get your fresh view. Joy

Anonymous said...

Jeff, thank you so much for sharing your adventure. I loved reading all the blogs and looking at the photos you took. Chrystal